Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Work in Retail

Working in retail can be tough. In the span of thirty seconds, the phone is ringing, a customer wants a refund on a product, another wants her daily lottery numbers, and you were just informed your help just called in sick. Here’s how to be a successful customer service staff in retail.
1. Never go into work hungry. Whether you have to be to work before the sun rises, or in between lunch and dinner, always grab a bite to eat beforehand. Retail is unpredictable and it can be completely dead one minute and a madhouse the next. Break time may be scheduled for 2:30, but if it’s busy, then there’s little chance you will go on time. Also, it’s much better dealing with irritated customers on a full stomach rather than an empty one.
2. Wear that smile. The most important part of your uniform is your smile. When the customers or associates are being difficult, don’t let them get to you. Some customers want to make you flustered, but if you keep your cool, you’ll show them how contained you are. A customer is more likely to come at you with a positive attitude when they see you smiling at them rather than frowning and rolling your eyes.
3. The customer is always right. Without the customer, you would be out of a job, so make sure you treat them how you want to be treated. Be on their side. Even though sometimes it’s hard to give in when you know you’re right, show the customer that you believe in them. Most of the time, it’s not that big of an issue in the grand scheme of things, so it’s better to please the customer so they will come back time and time again.
4. Think positive. The best advice anybody can give is to think positive no matter how dull the outcome looks. When everything seems to be unraveling all at once, remember that it will all be over soon. Instead of thinking about quitting on the spot, think about your next vacation or your family. Don’t ever think that it only happens to you because it happens to everyone.
Working in retail is unpredictable, so remember to stay calm and do what the customer asks. Giving them a refund for what seems to be nothing is irritating, but remember that they will be back to spend infinite times that amount in the future.

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